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Where do I begin?  How can you truly thank someone that helped restore your child's confidence?  Michele is loving, patient, intuitive and educated.  My son went to Michele not able to read (second grade) and in a few years he was reading our family's nightly bedtime chapter books. Michele has impacted my child's life like few can. She is a gift to any struggling mother watching their child slowly fall through the cracks of the Utah educational system.. 

Mandyjean Rasmussen

Our family loves Michele.  She has helped our son thrive in his reading abilities. I️ am amazed at the progress he has made being tutored by her.  My son loves going to tutoring and loves Michele.  She has gotten to know his personality and the things he loves and incorporates them in tutoring.  Michele is genuine, kind, sincere and so easy to work with.  She is always happy to see my son and he adores her.  I️ am so happy I️ found Michele to tutor our child. 

-Rebecca Cannon

We are so grateful we found Michele!  When we took our cute son to her, he had kind of hit a wall reading in 1st grade, and he had become frustrated and was losing confidence daily amongst his peers.  He did not want anyone to know he needed help with reading.  However, after his first day with Michele, he told all of his friends about his new "reading coach," and how fun it was.  
Then they all wanted to go to her. :)  
Our son has continued to progress and his confidence has increased so beautifully.  Instead of trying to guess at words and becoming so frustrated, he studies them out, recalls the rules he is learning, and then sounds it out.  It honestly brings me to tears every time he tackles a word.  
His reading has improved greatly, but I love that Michele has boosted his confidence in himself, and that he can work hard and succeed.  
Michele is an instant friend, and we trusted her with our son the minute we met her.  She knows what she is doing, and she is confident that your child can master reading.  This is so wonderful as a parent to experience.  

-Ashley Richards

Michele works so hard with my son.  She puts her heart into every session and it shows! My son feels confident and that’s something that can’t be taught. It comes from being loved and supported in learning and life. It's so important to have people, like Michele, for our kids to feel safe and know they can trust.  

-Branden Hodges

Michele has been amazing for our son. He always looks forward to meeting with her. She is fun, encouraging, understanding, and has really helped increase our son's confidence in himself. We have seen improvements in his reading and that success has translated into improvements across all his subjects!



When my child started with Michele she was in kindergarten and struggling badly. She had a hard time deciphering sight words let alone reading words or sentences. She told me that “reading just might not be her “thing”.” After a very short time, we began to see her light up again. She began to understand that everyone learns differently and her way was “the Michele way”. 
When my youngest child started kindergarten, I began to see similar patterns with him as I did with my daughter. When we started him with Michele, he was frustrated but quickly started to see success. 
We feel very lucky to have known about Michele and tutoring. She was the game changer for my children and their success in school. They love their time spent with Michele and they love how she loves them more than anything. 

-Annie Macfarlane

Beautiful Mind Tutoring goes beyond homework help and utilizes proven programs through an individualized approach. Working through the steps of a set program has allowed my student to celebrate the mastery of small skill steps. The small steps have led to big accomplishments and I am overjoyed with how far my student has come. I was a little intimidated from the outset that it would take a few years to work through the program but it has changed the trajectory of my child and built confidence in something that I thought was always going to be a struggle. The company is led with great professionalism and kindness and filled with the kind of people I like to put in front of my child as role models.

-Marin M.

I can’t say enough good things about Beautiful Mind tutoring. Rachel was amazing with my son Matthew. He loved going to her weekly and improved so much. Rachel made learning fun and helped him retain information that he wouldn’t have otherwise. We Will Forever be grateful to Rachel for the way she changed Matthew's life.


-Emily Bullen

Absolutely amazing!! My son was frustrated and having a difficult time learning to read. I didn’t know how to help him. We started working with Beautiful Mind. His reading coach is patient and kind. My son loves her and enjoys his lessons. He is now so much more confident and happy. We are so grateful!!


-Sheri V.

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