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     I am the owner/director of Beautiful Mind Tutoring and a dyslexia specialist in the Salt Lake City area. I am a Certified Barton Reading & Spelling tutor and am on the education committee for Decoding Dyslexia of Utah. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science.  I majored in elementary education and taught first grade until I had children and decided to stay home to raise them.  For the next 10 years, I volunteered in many capacities at my children's school.  I also spent time tutoring many subjects, but quickly realized that I wanted to focus more on reading.
    I have always been fascinated with the process of teaching children to read. While growing up, I often heard stories of the pain that not being able to read caused my father throughout his childhood. My father, who is profoundly dyslexic, is not able to read beyond a fourth-grade level.  My grandparents did everything they could to help my father, but they had no idea what was wrong or how to "fix" him.  
    As my children entered school I was pleasantly surprised when both my daughters began to read before kindergarten and continued to flourish in school.  I was a bit concerned when my son did not follow suit.  I noticed that he was not like his sisters even before he entered school.  I attributed it to the fact that he was a boy and young for his grade.  By second grade, he began having behavior issues, which was out of character for him. Then, in third grade, his teacher mentioned that she was a bit concerned.  I immediately jumped into action.  Because of our family history, I began to research dyslexia.  I was fascinated with all of the warning signs that he had but I had never recognized. 
     My son has since been diagnosed with both dyslexia and dysgraphia.  I taught him using the Barton Reading and Spelling System and had so much success that I decided to teach other students struggling with similar issues.  While it is often a lonely, overwhelming road, I know firsthand that if given the correct form of remediation and accommodations, children with dyslexia can have very happy, successful, productive lives.



Ashley Barkley
Holly Peterson

     I am a dyslexia specialist and a certified Barton Reading & Spelling tutor in Davis County and Salt Lake City. I have a Bachelor of Science in special education from Utah Valley University. I have a passion for helping children gain confidence in their ability to read and write. Having struggled as a child with oral and written language, I would have benefited greatly from a specialized program that focused on my deficiencies.  When I learned about the Barton Reading and Spelling System, I knew that I wanted to focus my education and career on helping others learn to read and write with confidence. I am passionate about this program and the ability it has to change the lives of those who have struggled with dyslexia. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and my desire to help others through this program. 












       I am a certified Barton Reading & Spelling tutor. I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah in special education and am currently working on my masters. I have always had a strong passion for helping children, especially academically. A few years ago, while attending Utah State University, I worked as a one-on-one tutor in a 3rd grade classroom, focusing on students who struggled with ADHD.  As I worked individually with them throughout the entire school year, I grew to love teaching. Seeing a child’s academic progress is an amazing thing. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the light in a student’s eyes when they finally understand a concept. These past six months I have worked at the Hilda B. Jones Center; a school for autistic High School students.  As a Paraprofessional Educator, I worked hands on with students with disabilities that varied greatly.  Working one-on-one with them brought me so much joy. I love to help students build their confidence. No matter what students struggle with, there is always a way to help them believe in themselves. I know that the Barton Reading & Spelling system can change lives. It has helped so many children and will continue to do so.










     I am a dyslexia specialist and a certified Barton Reading & Spelling tutor. My educational background includes a BS in elementary education from the University of Utah and a MA in Teaching from Westminster College. I have a current Utah educator license and taught for 8 years in kindergarten and first grade. I am currently taking a break from teaching to be home to raise my two amazing kids. I find so much joy in helping students gain confidence in themselves as they learn they can do hard things. I am passionate about teaching children to be successful readers and writers so they can be successful lifelong learners.















   I received my bachelor's degree at the University of Utah in Elementary Education. I taught first and third grade before I had my own children. The most exciting and rewarding part of my college education, teaching experience, and even role in motherhood was and is fostering the learning and love of reading.  I am thrilled to be a certified Barton tutor. Teaching children to read is a passion that was sparked in me by one of my college professors at the University of Utah almost 20 years ago. Her fascination and love for the learning to read process was contagious. My interest grew, and as I applied what she taught so did my love for teaching reading. It remains with me. I taught each of my four children to read. They each learned differently just as my students did. I believe all children have the ability to learn to read.  Reading is a building block for all other learning. Reading also provides great, life long joy. I am excited to be working with a great team of educators who share this passion.









     I graduated from the University of Utah way back in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education with a Reading minor. I am also a certified Barton tutor. For the past 34 years, while I have been raising my family, I have been involved in teaching in a variety of circumstances. I am a certified teacher and have been employed with Granite School District in their Special Services department where I taught students in Home/Hospital settings when their abilities to attended regular school was limited. For the past 25 years, I have worked with at-risk populations in drug and alcohol rehabs. I have seen first hand how students who experience challenges either academically or behaviorally can benefit from smaller class sizes and one-on-one teaching. My experiences have been so rewarding when students who have been frustrated by the system and have considered themselves "stupid" and "unable to learn" have found success and learned to love learning. Reading really is the key and I am thrilled to be working with this team of dedicated teachers who are committed to opening that door of life-long learning for our students.   




I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Westminster College with my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I worked as a K-3 Reading Specialist as well as a 1st Grade Teacher and K-6 P.E. Specialist. Being able to facilitate and witness student breakthroughs is very rewarding. Working one-on-one with students has always been my favorite part of teaching. As a struggling reader growing up, I have the utmost compassion and understanding for students and their learning experience. Having the opportunity to expand my skills with the Barton Reading and Spelling System is something I am extremely excited about.  






     I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Utah in 1990, with a minor in French. I have had the opportunity of teaching hundreds of students over the last 18 years as the owner of Bright Beginnings Preschool. The daily curriculum there includes pre-k reading and spelling skills and it is always exhilarating to feel the energy and excitement of students as they learn. I have also spent time as a one-on-one tutor and substitute teacher before I began working at Beautiful Mind Tutoring. I love to teach! I am extremely impressed with the Barton System. This program instills and improves skills in reading and spelling, and also boosts self-confidence through achieved success. I love being involved in the positive results this program brings and lucky to interact with awesome students in the process.









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